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An arch is an architectural element that adopts a geometric shape close to the arc ... In ancient Rome, it was the subject of an aesthetic refinement and had a commemorative function. This model was also duplicated in the Renaissance, in the 19th century, but also with modern versions such as in Paris where there are thus three arches along the historic axis (Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Arc de Triomphe Triumph of the Etoile and the Arch of Defense).


But the ark is also the symbol of divinity, law and regeneration. The most famous symbolism of the ark is that of the Noah's Ark, this navigation on the waters of the deluge containing all the elements necessary for the cyclical restoration. For Hebrews, the Ark of the Covenant, it is the pledge of divine protection and contains the essence of Tradition.


Commissioned by "Nova Company" in 2017 and world premiered in November of the same year in Seoul (South Korea) by the "Nova Saxophone Ensemble", "THE ROYAL ARCH" takes up the idea of the architectural form in which the ensemble of saxophones unveils all its richness sounds and its numerous technical possibilities.


This arrangement for Clarinets Octet was commissioned in 2019 by the Seen Clarinet Ensemble of Taipei (Taiwan).


50,00 €Prix
  • for Clarinets Octet


    Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


    Duration : 9:40

    Reference : EMP - CM 034

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