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VISUELS : Thanks to a skilful combination of technical, acrobatic and physical prowess, coupled with an innovative scenography, a new generation of artists has for several years brought a new dimension to the shows created in circuses.


Navigating between respect for traditions and innovation, the new circus shows are multidisciplinary, are characterized by the mixture of circus and theater practices and techniques, bring together different universes structured around music, thus revolutionizing the performing arts : a circus mixing a spirit of celebration, dream and poetry.


Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere paid tribute to all these artists by offering them a musical suite built in a series of paintings, in which the different atmospheres allow the spectator to immerse themselves in the magical world of these shows.  


Commissioned by "Coups de Vents" / France - Création 2005


25,00 €Prix
  • pour Orchestre d'Harmonie


    Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


    Grade : 3+

    Duration : 7:20

    Reference : EMP - WM 014S



    CD "The Fire Dance"

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