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Like the famous "Pictures at an Exhibition” composed by Mussorgsky and orchestrated by Ravel, the Symphony No. 2 - "La Galerie du Temps" by Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere isn’t intended to be a composition based on descriptions of works but rather inspirations around these ...

The various movements are therefore not interspersed with "Walks" which represented in the work of the russian composer the moving of the visitor during the exhibition devoted to his friend, painter and architect : Victor Hartmann, in 1873 in Saint Petersburg.


However, the first part "Du Louvre à Lens" begins with a first theme that we will find throughout this symphony because it represents and recalls one of the challenges presented by the Louvre-Lens : the confrontation of Louvre’s collections to contemporary architecture. The call for the creation of a new building, on a large and beautiful area, full of history but free of all material constraints, stems from a clearly stated desire to enter the Louvre into modernity.


This composition describes the emulation and the excitement aroused around the establishment of such a cultural project, but it also symbolizes the greatness of the place which immediately imposes respect on all visitors, from its architecture but also by the content of his collections. So, it stems of it musical themes that are at the same time powerful, majestic and richly orchestrated.



"SYMPHONIE No.2 - La Galerie du Temps" : Inspired by the eight departments (Eastern Antiques, Egyptian Antiques, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiques, Islamic Arts, Objets d’Art, Graphic Arts, Sculptures and Paintings) and the "Galerie du Temps" which offers an original journey in the Louvre’s collections, the idea is to generate music both from these different aesthetics but also by introducing contemporary elements (in response to the “Pavillon de Verre”), thus deploying a row of musical instants, independent moments ordered in a magnificent sonorous tree structure.


A Work at the height of the event: the inauguration of the Louvre-Lens, and a strong musical entity: the Wind Orchestra. Also called "Harmony" in France and deeply settled in the history of North area (and more particularly in the heart of mining and industrial districts), this orchestra is full of sound richness that this symphony aims to enhance, in order to put them in service of an extremely structured writing.


Composed of 5 Movements (1. Du Louvre à Lens / 2. Warka / 3. Biban-El-Moulouk (La Vallée des Rois) / 4. Sapientes Apocalypsis (Les Sages de l’Apocalypse) / 5. Ixion) this symphony is deliberately expressive and characteristic of the sum of the musical influences that nourish the composer's writing.


Commissioned by Orchestre à Vent de Lens / Creation 2015


25,00 €Prix
  • Part I from SYMPHONIE N°2 - La Galerie du Temps


    for Symphonic Wind Orchestra


    Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


    Grade : 4+

    Duration : 5:10

    Reference : EMP - WM 024S

    Collection : WIND MUSIC



    CD "La Galerie du Temps"

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