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CONVERGENCES : This concerto signed Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere (creation) cultivates a wholesome vitality, chiseled, non-boisterous, set in spite of an amazing diversity of climates, in the refined statement.

Ernst Van Bek


CONVERGENCES for Tuba solo, Jazz trio (Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums) and Symphonic Wind Orchestra is composed by Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere. This work is divided into three parts : 1. Fantasque, 2. Cross-over, 3. Latin.

The composer skillfully mixes the sounds of the jazz trio, the symphonic orchestra and the tuba, made the solo tuba the possibility of performing in the last part of the work (Latin) a kind of cadence, not without a certain form of humor !

Michel Jakubowicz


CONVERGENCES by Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere : this original work for Symphonic Wind Orchestra, Jazz Trio and Tuba solo realizes a strong desire to break down barriers between genres and to offer music that invites to unify different audiences. Built in three movements, it starts like a very virtuoso perpetuum mobile bringing up an action film, continues with a colorful dialogue between the guitar, the bass guitar, the orchestra and the tuba which experiments the didgeridoo of the Aborigines, then ends with a kind of improvised salsa, enhanced by slivers of congas. This is popular party’s music that proves that we can dance on classical music and that a challenging score is not incompatible with a feeling of pure sonic pleasure.

Olivier Bellamy

Reporter / magazine Classica

Host / Radio Classique



Commissioned by Orchestre d'Harmonie d'Aix-les-Bains / France - Creation 2012


35,00 €Prix
  • for Tuba Solo, Jazz Trio & Symphonic Wind Orchestra


    Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


    Grade : 4

    Duration : 18:10

    Reference : EMP - WM 007S

    Collection : WIND MUSIC



    CD "In the Mood for Tuba"

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