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ZEUS : Homère considered Zeus like the father of Gods and mortals. However, he had not created the Gods or the mortals ! He was of both the protector and the ruler of the family of Olympe and the human race, the ruler of the world and the guardian of his laws. He was the lord of heaven, responsible for his storms and rains.

Supreme God of greek mythology, Zeus led the gods on Mount Olympe in Thessaly. His main temples were in Dodone and Olympie where the Olympic Games were celebrated in his honor every four years.


Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere has naturally used the many resources of Wind Orchestras to compose his first symphony : a wealth of tones and multiple combinations of sound colors, enriching thus the melodies and themes that follow each other throughout the different movements.


Without define this composition as a program music, the inspiration of this symphony built in 3 movments (1. Athena / 2. Hera / 3. Zeus) is more focused on the evocation of adventure, leaving a large place to the imagination. 


« An original creation, joyful, exciting and full of life »

Nord Éclair - December 14th, 2010


Commissioned by Orchestre d'Harmonie de Tourcoing / Creation 2010

PDF - Score / ZEUS

15,00 €Prix


    for Symphonic Wind Orchestra


    Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


    Grade : 5

    Duration : 07:20

    Reference : PDF / EMP - WM 023S



    CD "Live in Taiwan"

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