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LE SACRE DU TYMPAN : Like a rhapsody, this composition deploys a succession of musical moments, of autonomous moments ordained in a magnificent sound arborescence. The work is deliberately expressive and characteristic of the sum of the musical influences that nourish the writing of Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere.


The particularity of this composition is the use that is made of all instruments and voices: mixing sounds, timbres and instrumental colors with certain forms of sound effects or ambient sounds, in the service of an extremely architectured writing.


We also find in this work a real desire from the composer to develop a music coming from the classical aesthetic to new forms of musical expressions related to contemporary music or to current musics.


Commissioned by Fédération des Festivals Eurochestries / France - Creation 2008


20,00 €Prix
  • for Symphonic Orchestra (and Choir ad libitum)


    Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


    Duration : 11:30

    Reference : PDF / EMP - SM 001S

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