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BELLATOR CAMPUS : is a work that tells the story of the events of the First World War : the mobilization in August 1914, the departure to war, "flower at the tip of rifle" (the war was to be over by the end of September), the men who gather to go fight the enemy after a period opposing the French between them (law of 1905), the arrival at the barracks, the assault, the hell of the battle (Dies Irae), the vision of the plains after the battle, the end of the war and victory, but already the arrival of 3rd Reich resulting from the Versailles Agreements.


20,00 €Prix
  • for Concert Band


    Laurent CÉLISSE


    Grade : 3+   

    Duration : 10:15

    Reference : PDF / EMP - EC 004S

    Collection : EUROPEAN COMPOSERS - Masterpieces

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