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CD "MASTERS OF LIGHTS - The Last Crusade"

City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


The World Premiere Recording of "MASTERS OF LIGHTS - The Last Crusade" composed by Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE.


A Marvellous New Symphonic Work that plays “Just like an epic film score in search of an epic film to match the quality of the music“ .Featuring the acclaimed 80-piece CITY OF PRAGUE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA with Solo Violin : Lucie Svehlova. Sessions produced by James Fitzpatrick


Composed and Conducted by Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE – brilliant French composer of film and TV scores, concert works, operas and ballets - MASTERS OF LIGHTS is a lage scale musical tone poem about the Crusades featuring memorable and majestic symphonic themes with more intimate romantic music and suitably religioso motifs as well as lively, celtic influence, folk tunes and airs. A worthwhile new discovery for any fan of melodic and exciting orchestral music.


1. The First Crusade (1:25)

2. the Nine Knights (5:06)

3. Strength, Wisdom & Beauty (6:55)

4. Conspiration (1:55)

5. Lands of Exile (4:13)

6. Celebration of Victory (1:56)

7. Blood Brothers (7:45)

8. The forbidden crossing (3:23)

9. Beyond Mountains & Seas (3:53)

10. Lux Tenebrae (2:40)

11. Celtic Tales (5:20)

12. Ritual of the Shadow (4:24)

13. Strength & Honour (1:27)

14. Conquest of Freedom (5:32)

15. The Last Crusade (6:44)

CD "MASTERS OF LIGHTS - The Last Crusade"

SKU : EMP002-2013
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