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Original Works for Trumpet & Wind Orchestra

Romain LELEU, Trumpet

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 14th Band

Coducted by Yosuke MORIYA & Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE


The modern relations between Japan and France began with the signing of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Trade between the two countries on 9 October 1858.


More than 150 years after the signature of this treaty, a new example of cultural cooperation was born with the recording of 4 original works for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra of 2 Japanese composers : Kazuhiro MORITA (Composer, Professor at Shobi University) and Kumiko TANAKA (Composer, Professor at the University of Osaka) and two French composers : Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE (Composer, Conductor) and Roger BOUTRY (First Grand Prix de Rome, Conductor of the Garde Républicaine from 1973 to 1997).


The soloist, Romain Leleu (Award of Classical Music 2009 in the category "instrumental solo revelation") is accompanied by one of the best Japanese Concert Band to perform one of the major concertos of the twentieth century and to record in world premiere 3 creations for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra.


Jean-Philippe Vanbeselaere

1. Edo (3:07)
2. Meiji (2:59)
3. Taisho (5:34)
4. Showa (2:41)

Kazuhiro Morita

5. Allegretto (3:28)
6. Mesto (3:52)
7. Spiritoso (3:53)

Roger Boutry

8. Allegro (3:07)
9. Scherzo (2:58)
10. Andante (5:45)
11. Intermezzo (2:14)
12. Final (5:20)

Kumiko Tanaka


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