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AZTEKA - Les Marches du Soleil : The brightest part of this triptych depicting "the chosen people of the sun".

"Les Marches du Soleil" symbolize the vitality and flamboyance of a civilization happened to its peak, closely followed by the baleful shadow of the conquistadors.

The rhythmical introduction  naturally brings a dynamic theme and syncopated, in the image of strength and bravery of the Aztec people.

The rhythmical pattern of this theme then becomes a recurring element that links and unifies the entire composition.

In contrast to the first theme, appears at the oboe a soft and slightly nostalgic melody, bringing a note of carelessness and daydream.

However, the rhythmical element of the first theme quickly reasserts itself, and turns into a throbbing long climb, like a shadow by prosecuting light.

Balanced between these contrasting elements, the composition goes towards the highest steps ... one frantic and irresistible last gushing of all the orchestra for a last sun.


Bernard MAGNY was Finalist of the 5th International Composition Competition "Coups de Vents" with AZTEKA - Les Marches du Soleil

Set / AZTEKA - Les Marches du Soleil

140,00 €Prix
  • for Concert Band


    Bernard MAGNY


    Grade : 4

    Duration : 8:20

    Reference : EMP - EC 001

    Collection : EUROPEAN COMPOSERS - Masterpieces

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