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for Wind Orchestra

Jean-Philippe VANBESELAERE (Composer & Conductor)


Commissioned by the Agglomeration Community of Artois for the "Regional Capital of Culture - Béthune 2011", "Esquisses Artésiennes" is a symphonic poem in four movements highlighting the seven territories inside this Agglomeration Community, its men, its history marked by the wars, the mine and the labor movement. A composition that's compliant with the line initiated by Berlioz and whose peculiarity is the use that is made of all these instruments of the orpheonic traditions, and which make the richness of harmony orchestras of the regional territory, mixing sounds, stamps and instrumental colors to certain forms of sound effects. The final of the fourth movement is the official hymn of Béthune 2011 and was interpreted or broadcast throughout the regional cultural season.


SKU : JPhV-CD002
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